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序号 论文名称 刊物 通讯作者 发表日期 论文类别
1 Thermal discharge influences the bioaccumulation and bioavailability of metals in oysters: Implications of ocean warming ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 黄旭光 2020 1区
2 Specific Coordination between Zr-MOF and Phosphate-Terminated DNA Coupled with Strand Displacement for the Construction of Reusable and Ultrasensitive Aptasensor Analytical Chemistry 高凤 2020 1区,化学ESI 2区
3 2-Methylimidazole directed ambient synthesis of zinc-cobalt LDH nanosheets for efficient oxygen evolution reaction JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 汪庆祥 2020 1区,化学ESI 2区
4 Ultrahigh electrocatalytic activity and durability of bimetallic Au@Ni core-shell nanoparticles supported on rGO for methanol oxidation reaction in alkaline electrolyte JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 李艳彩 2020 2区
5 Luminescence behavior of Nd3+/ Zr4+/3+ Co-activated ZrP2O7 persistent phosphor Ceramics International 郑子山 2020 2区
6 A novel colorimetric immunoassay based on enzyme-regulated instant generation of Turnbull’s blue for the sensitive determination of ochratoxin A Analyst 赖文强 2020 2区,化学ESI 2区
7 Selective determination of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol by using a novel carbon nanoparticles as a fluorescent probe in real sample Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 赖文强 2020 2区,化学ESI 2区
8 Metal-enhanced fluorometric formaldehyde assay based on the use of in-situ grown silver nanoparticles on silica-encapsulated carbon dots Microchimica Acta 倪建聪 2020 2区,化学ESI 2区
9 Flexible flower-like MOF of Cu2(trans-1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid)2 as the electroactive matrix material for label-free and highly sensitive sensing of thrombin Electrochimica Acta 邱玮玮 2020 2区,化学ESI 2区
10 Interfacial Engineering FeOOH/CoO Nanoneedle Array for Efficient Overall Water Splitting Driven by Solar Energy Chemistry-A European Journal 汪庆祥 2020 2区,化学ESI 2区
11 Synthesis of core-shell structured Au@Bi2S3 nanorod and its application as DNA immobilization matrix for electrochemical biosensor construction CHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS 高凤 2020 2区,化学ESI 3区
12 N,S Co-Doped Carbon Dots Based on on-off-on Quenching Mode for the Collaboration Detection of Iron Ions and Ascorbic Acid Journal of Saudi Chemical Society 聂玉静 2020 2区,化学ESI 3区
13 Energy transfer of wide band long persistent phosphors of Sm3+-Doped ZrSiO4 Materials Chemistry and Physics 郑子山 2020 3区
14 Oxidative alkylation of alkenes with carbonyl compounds through concomitant 1,2-aryl migration by photoredox catalysis NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 蔡顺有 2020 3区,化学ESI 3区
15 Electrosynthesis of HKUST-1 on a carbon-nanotube-modified electrode and its application for detection of dihydroxybenzene isomers Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 高凤 2020 3区,化学ESI 3区
16 The preparation of NiO/Ni–N/C nanocomposites and its electrocatalytic performance for methanol oxidation reaction NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 李艳彩 2020 3区,化学ESI 3区
17 Preparation of poly ionic liquid-mesoporous carbon nanospheres and its application in simultaneous determination of hydroquinone and catechol, and detection of paracetamol Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 李艳彩 2020 3区,化学ESI 3区
18 Ni@Ni3C nanochain-SWCNT composite with comparable electrocatalysis of benchmark Pt/C for hydrogen evolution reaction JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 汪庆祥 2020 3区,化学ESI 3区
19 Synthesis of MIL-101(Fe)/SiO2 composites with improved catalytic activity for reduction of nitroaromatic compounds JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY 张燕辉 2020 3区,化学ESI 3区
20 Facile synthesis and properties of UiO-66 electrode material for supercapacitors Chinese J. Struct. Chem. 郭鸿旭 2020 3区,化学ESI 4区
21 Influence of Inorganic Gases on Formation and Chemical Composition of Monoaromatic Hydrocarbons Secondary Organic Aerosol CHINESE JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 黄明强 2020 3区,化学ESI 4区
22 无机气体对苯系物二次有机气溶胶形成和化学组成影响的研究进展 分析化学 黄明强 2020 3区,化学ESI 4区
23 氮硫共掺杂碳量子点对胃液pH值的精确检测 高等学校化学学报 李顺兴 2020 3区,化学ESI 4区
24 脂质体封端CsPbX3(X=Cl, Br, I)纳米晶体制备及其在发光二极管中的应用 高等学校化学学报 李顺兴 2020 3区,化学ESI 4区
25 Synthesis, Characterization and Adsorption Properties for Al-based Metal-organic Framework Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry 聂玉静 2020 3区,化学ESI 4区
26 Influence of Ammonium Sulfate Seed Particle on Optics and Compositions of Toluene Derived Organic Aerosol in Photochemistry Atmosphere 黄明强 2020 4区
27 Effects of inorganic seed aerosol on the formation of nitrogen-containing organic compounds from reaction of ammonia with photooxidation products of toluene Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 黄明强 2020 4区
28 One-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis of N, Fe-Codoped Carbon Dots as Mimic Peroxidase and Application on Hydrogen Peroxide and Glucose Detection Journal of Nanomaterials 翁文 2020 4区
29 Facile Synthesis of Au/Ni(OH)2 Nanocomposites and its Application in Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensing JOURNAL OF CLUSTER SCIENCE 李艳彩 2020 4区,化学ESI 4区
30 大陆、台湾、美国科学教材中问题解决编写比较研究——以“月球运动模式”为例 地理教学 杨妙霞 2020 B类,北大核心
31 碳纳米笼/碳纳米管复合物修饰电极制备及检测双酚A 分析试验室 陈建华 2020 CSCD
32 不同磷源对砷胁迫下 2 种绿藻生长的影响 生态毒理学报 王振红 2020 CSCD
33 基于抗风湿关节炎相关微量元素生物可利用性优化制川乌和白芍配伍研究 中国中药杂志 林路秀 2020 CSCD核心库
34 酸性硫酸铵种子气溶胶对甲苯二次有机气溶胶形成和组分的影响研究 环境科学学报 黄明强 2020 校定A类
35 以人民为中心的发展思想的思政教育价值探析 KOK全站版app官方入口学报 黄富英 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
36 乙二醛与氨液相化学反应的若干影响因素 KOK全站版app官方入口学报 黄明强 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
37 手性硫脲催化不对称合成多取代呋喃酮 KOK全站版app官方入口学报 黄忠杰 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
38 硅藻土负载纳米氧化镍光催化处理废水COD KOK全站版app官方入口学报 卢朝阳 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
39 硅藻土负载纳米银催化降解罗丹明B KOK全站版app官方入口学报 卢朝阳 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
40 一种新颖镉配合物的合成和表征 KOK全站版app官方入口学报 谢朝兴 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
41 高校思想政治教育说服传播的运作机制及支撑体系 佳木斯大学学报(社会科学版) 周翔 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
42 青年主流价值观形成的问题表现、内在规律及提升策略 佳木斯大学学报(社会科学版) 周翔 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
43 氨对甲苯液相光氧化产物的影响实验研究 青岛理工大学学报 朱敏聪 2020 学位硕士学位授予权单位的本科大学学报
44 新时代高校学生资助工作发展思路研究 教育评论 周翔,李建辉 2020 中文核心