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Brief Introduction to School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Environment


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Environment, originally named “Department of Chemistry”, was founded in 1977. In 1989, the school recruited the first batch of undergraduates. At present, the school has 1 first-level discipline authorized to grant academic master’s degree (Chemistry), 2 second-level disciplines authorized to offer professional master’s degree (Discipline Teaching of Chemistry, Science and Technology Education), and master’s degree conferring disciplines for Resources and Environment. Chemistry and Environment Discipline Group was approved by Fujian Provincial Authority, in 2017, to found “Plateau Discipline”. And in the same year, the school was approved to setup “Fujian Provincial First-level Discipline Doctorate Construction and Education Institution”. The school now offers 6 programs of Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science Education, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological Engineering.the discipline of Chemistry, which was originally “National-Level Characteristic Discipline”, was granted “National-Level First-Rate Undergraduate Program”,  Applied Chemistry and Science Education was granted “Provincial-Level First-Rate Undergraduate Program”.

At present, the school has 1432 full-time students (including 148 graduates) and 97 staff. 72 of the staff are teaching fellows, including 20 professors and 36 associate professors. Among them, 55 possess doctorate degree, 1 was granted “Special Government Allowance of the State Council”, 1 were supported by the “Program for New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education”, 3 received fund from “Provincial Natural Science Foundation for Outstanding Youth Fund Project”, 4 obtained support from “Provincial Colleges and Universities New Century Excellent Talents Support Program”, 2 were selected as “Provincial Millions of Talents Project in the New Century”, and 2 were awarded “Provincial Teaching Teacher” and “Provincial Excellent Teachers”, respectively.

To date, the school has established 1 “Provincial Key Laboratory”, 1 “Provincial Colleges and Universities Key Laboratory”, and 3 “Provincial Teaching Demonstration Centers”. Our school owns a total laboratory area of about 6300 m2 with facilities and equipment of more than 39 million CNY, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR), liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (LC-MS), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GC-MS), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM), etc.

Since 2015, the staff of our school have been hosting 18 research funds from National Natural Science Foundation of China and 67 from Provincial Natural Science Foundation. One of our invention programs has won the “Third Prize of Technology Invention in Science and Technology Award of Fujian Province” and one dissertation has been awarded “First Prize of Excellent Academic Dissertation in Natural Sciences of Fujian Province”. Our researchers have published450 publications on international and Chinese main academic journals, of which308 have been indexed by SCI and EI.